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Fund Rules

  1. Qualifying Juniors are to be active Junior Members of the Club, aged up to 18 years at the time of tuition.
  2. The absolute final payment date is 31st day of January.
  3. Benefits under the scheme are to be established by the Committee, before the start of each ski season.
  4. The Committee would control and manage the Fund, with day-to-day administration being the responsibility of the Club Treasurer.
  5. Refunds would be made to parents on receipt by the Treasurer of claims, including details of the Junior concerned and dates of lessons.
  6. The capital of the Fund is to be invested in a mix of interest-bearing securities and equities, with a view to obtaining income and growth.
  7. The Boomerang Ski Club to underwrite the Fund’s annual contributions to the Coaching Scheme, to the extent of cash needed under the rules and benefits established each year by the Committee for the scheme, less the income generated by the Fund itself.

Bryan McLeod Junior Coaching Fund

The Bryan McLeod Junior Coaching Fund was established following approval at the 1993 Annual General Meeting. Its aims are to establish a Fund, the income from which would be used to financially assist Junior Members of the Club with their costs of Ruapehu Ski School coaching.

Subject to availability of current or accumulated income in the Fund, it also aims to provide an additional financial award to any Junior Member considered by the Committee of the Club to have demonstrated outstanding skiing ability and/or potential.

The Junior Coaching Fund was renamed the Bryan McLeod Junior Coaching Fund in 2005.

Donations, Payments and Enquires

You may donate at any time to the fund. You may also choose to waive the early payment discount of your annual subs and donate that to the fund. Please contact the Membership Secretary to make donations.

To claim or enquire about the fund, please contact our Treasurer.