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Our Club

We're a great club to be a part of, and here we tell you all about how to join the club and how much it'll cost. It's a pretty simple, 4 step process, and it's all detailed for you to the right!

Application Forms

Think we'd suit you and your family? Download one of our Application forms and let us know!

Joining Our Club

The Four Steps

  1. Spend a few days at the Lodge as guest of an existing member to see if you like it;
  2. Complete an application form and submit to the Committee;
  3. Upon acceptance of the application, pay Application fee and complete your first Work Party;
  4. When you're granted membership, pay the Joining fee and complete second Work Party.

Making Life Easy

We're all only human, so we've come up with some ways to make joining the club a bit easier.

  • Kids join free - So long as they're yours!
  • The application and joining fees can be spread over two years;
  • In recent years applicants have been offered membership after they have completed one work party on the understanding that they will complete the second work party the next year. This is however at the total discretion of the committee;

Fee Overview

Below is a quick look at the fees.

Seniors (18+)

  • Application: FREE
  • Joining Fee: $200
  • Total: $200 per senior

Kids/Juniors (Aged 3 - 17)

  • Application: Free!
  • Joining Fee: Free!

If you're serious about membership, why not get in contact with us to find out more?

Once membership has been granted and Application and Joining fees have been paid, annual subscriptions & bunk rates apply.
Sometimes we might have a busy period and you'll need to go on a membership Waiting List. You'll be informed of this upon application if it applies.
Every Senior member must complete two Work Parties - Juniors don't need to until they're 18.