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Our History

From the forming of the club in 1958, the opening on the 3rd August 1962 and every volcanic eruption since, we've had a varied and full history.

In this section, our members past & present tell you in words and pictures all about what it's like to be a part of our club, and everything they've done in the surrounding Tongariro region.

If you're a member (or past member) and have anything to contribute, please do contact us!

Letters and Documents


9 December 1958

Mrs. A. Lawatch became an honorary member for two years. She was our Carnival Queen contestant for the 1959 Birthday Carnival.

19 November 1959

Derek McElvogue resigned as a Club member and as President. At the meeting Keith Waugh was elected as President and Ian Fordyce as Vice President. Derek died earlier in 1995.

15 February 1960

Valerie Mann was elected as an honorary member for two years. She was our successful contestant at the 1960 Birthday Carnival as she became Carnival Queen.

7 April 1960

Mr Scott tabled a memorandum for future reference: "That the maximum number of junior members for any one weekend be six provided they share bunks if necessary in which case half hut fees only would be payable."

13 October 1960

Following considerable discussion on working members, Miss Dixon moved, Mr Fordyce seconded that a letter be sent to lady members giving them a duty night for working parties and advising them that if they do not attend without reasonable excuse they will be asked to attend a committee meeting to be interrogated by the men of the committee.

23 February 1961

Mr Fordyce moved, Mr Townsend seconded that an order for the Raeburn stove be placed immediately.

22 November 1961

Mr Scott stated that £1824 would be needed to finish the lodge. Club funds at the time were £1188-9-11.

26 July 1962

A member was expelled from the club.

23 July 1963

Allan Scott resigned as Lodge Officer and Doreen Scott resigned as Booking Officer.

6 August 1963

Ross Keenan was appointed Booking Officer.

28 April 1964

BOOKING OFFICER: An offer for this position by Mrs Harrison was accepted with thanks on the motion of Messrs. Townsend and Burrett. Carried. At the same meeting a letter was to be sent Mrs Keenan for the work she had done the previous season as Booking Officer.