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Touring Guide by Member Bryan Halliwell © 2009

Sub-Route B: i to iii

Sub-Route B (i)

Tokoroa to Turangi and SH47, via Atiamuri, Wairakei, and Taupo.

440m hydro-electric dam, with Lake Atiamuri above it, and Lake Whakamaru below it.
20kms south of Atiamuri, off Tutukau Rd, (which links SH1 and SH5), Orakei Korako Thermal Park is at least one of the best thermal areas in New Zealand.
Golf, Prawn Farm, Huka Jet (Karetoto Rd), Huka Falls, Craters of the Moon (SH1).
Too many places and attractions to detail. A few are : Lake Taupo Museum (in Tongariro Domain); Taupo Bungy (Spa Road); AC Baths (Spa Road); Huka Falls (SH1), Huka Jet (Karetoto Rd, Wairakei), Skydiving (Airport), Craters of the Moon (SH1, Wairakei); choice of five golf courses.
Trout fishing, of course, in the many places you will know; rafting on the Tongariro River (Atirau Rd, Turangi); walking tracks (fishing access, also) are on both sides of the Tongariro River, from below the SH1 Bridge, to the Tongariro National Trout Centre, (which, also, should be visited), 5kms upstream. Wai Maori Rafting and Kayaking, Tokaanu Village, Tokaanu. Thermal Pools (and walk). Te Porere Redoubt, 15kms south west, on SH47. Lake Rotopounamu is a beautiful lake, off SH47, 5km south of the SH32 turn-off. 20 minutes to the Lake then 100 minutes to walk 'round it, if you have the time.

Orakei Korako:




Sub-Route B (i)(a)

Atiamuri to Whakamaru.
This is an attractive sub-route, alongside Lake Whakamaru. Most of the route is lakefront reserve, between the road and the lake, and pine forestry on the other side. Good picnic spots and good trout fishing.

Sub-Route B (i)(b)

Atiamuri to SH32, via Mokai.
An attractive drive, via Tirohanga Rd, to Mokai, an abandoned forestry village, then west, on Poihipi Rd and Marotiri Rd, to SH32. Starts on the south side of Lake Whakamaru, across the Atiamuri Bridge, then through farmland, plantations and bush.

Sub-Route B (ii)

Ohinewai to Matamata, via Tahuna and Morrinsville.

Leave SH1 at the Ohinewai turn-off, and go east, to Tahuna. Turn right, then either turn left, to join SH27 to Matamata, or continue straight ahead, to Morrinsville, then to Matamata.

Junction of SH1 and Tahuna Rd. This also gives access to Lake Waikare, via Waikare Rd.
Small settlement, with junctions for routes to Morrinsville and Matamata.
Prosperous farming area town; Heritage Trail; Morrin Museum; Piako River walk.


Sub-Route B (iii)

Taupiri to Cambridge and Tirau, via SH1B and SH1.

At Taupiri, turn left, off SH1, onto SH1B and, via Gordonton, to rejoin SH1 at Cambridge.

Taupiri Mountain Walkway (90 min return). Park at Taupiri Tavern.
Woodlands Homestead and Gardens, Whitikahu Rd, very good café etc.
6km diversion, off SH1B. Waitakaruru Arboretum Sculpture Park is 17ha conversion of quarry into garden and arboretum.
Great place to take a break. Food, shops, heritage trails, walks, picnic spots, river adventures, Karapiro Aquatic Centre, Robinson Sports Museum, Maungakawa Hill Reserve, golf, St Andrew's Anglican Church, etc. and Mt Maungatautari! (see Sub-Route B (iv) for more)


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