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Touring Guide by Member Bryan Halliwell © 2009


Use the 'Route Codes' below and refer to the Route Descriptions guide for more information.


Route Code: A (ii)
Choose between the Heritage Walk, at the village, or the Mangakara Nature Walk, from Park HQ, up Hodgson/Grey Rds, 3km north on SH39

Mangapohue Natural Bridge

Route Code: A (iii)
1-hour limestone-country gorge, stream and fossils walk, with the Mangapohue Natural Bridge, the highlight.

Te Waihou Walkway

Route Code: B
Brilliant 90-min (one way) walkway. Arrange two cars, and start at the top, up Leslie Rd, off White's Rd, which links SH1 and SH5, 2km north of Putaruru. 65% of NZ's bottled water comes from these 'Blue Springs', which source the Waihou River. The clarity and colour will amaze you.

Rimu Walk, Pureora Forest

Route Code: B
(Also, Totara Walk, Pureora Forest) - Access from Kakaho Road, 5 kms north of Tihoi. This becomes Link Road, not shown on most maps, which gives a through road, from Tihoi to Pureora, on SH30. One hour Rimu Walk, 5kms in, and thirty minute Totara Walk, close to the Pureora Forest HQ, are outstanding. Drive from Rimu Walk to Totara Walk is about 12 kms. Pureora Forest has beautiful bush, even though spoilt in places by old clear felling and pine plantations.

Waihaha River Walk, Tihoi

Route Code: B
Waihaha River, 5 kms south of Tihoi, has a riverside reserve, and outstanding walkway track, up the beautiful river, (three hours to DoC Waihaha hut).

Pukawa Bay to Kuratau, Lake Taupo shore-side

Route Code: B
Taupo Lake-front walkway, which links Kuratau, Omori and Pukawa

Lake Rotopounamu

Route Code: B and B (i)
A beautiful lake, off SH47, 5km south of the SH32 turn-off. 20 minutes to the Lake then 100 minutes to walk round it, if you have the time.

Te Porere Redoubt

Route Code: B and B (i)
Site of Te Kooti's last confrontation. 16kms south-west, along SH47, from junction with SH 32.

Tongariro River, National Trout Centre to Turangi

Route Code: B and B (i)
Walking tracks (fishing access, also) are on both sides of the Tongariro River, from below the SH1 Bridge, to the Tongariro National Trout Centre, (which, also, should be visited), 5kms south.

Huka Falls

Route Code: B (i)
Across the bridge, and walk north, to Aratiatia, if you want to do so.


Route Code: B (iv)
(Waikato River Trail) - Hydro dam. River walks, including Waikato River Trail, and across Waikato River on swing bridge. Go to www.waikatorivertrails.com

Mt Maungatautari

Route Code: B (iv)
(southern entrance) - Possibly NZ's most successful ecological project. 3400 ha reserve, predator-proofed with $18 million fence. Great forest walks. Best entry, (southern) and information centre, from Pukeatua School. Northern entry from Maungatautari/Hicks Roads. Go to www.maungatrust.org

Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland

Route Code: B (vi)
25kms south, towards Taupo, Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland, is a great walk, with spectacular thermal and scenic sights. And finish, (or start), with a visit to its good cafe (and good toilets, too!).